SE 297 - Independent Study

Fall 2022

Independent StudySE2970IND1 -    
Independent StudySE297ACIND1 -    Alexandra Chronopoulou
Independent StudySE297ASIND1 -    Alexander Stolyar
Independent StudySE297CBIND1 -    Carolyn L Beck
Independent StudySE297DBIND1 -    Daniel J Block
Independent StudySE297DKIND1 -    Douglas M King
Independent StudySE297DLTIND1 -    Deborah L Thurston
Independent StudySE297DSIND1 -    Dusan M Stipanovic
Independent StudySE297GKIND1 -    Girish Krishnan
Independent StudySE297HKIND1 -    Harrison Hyung Min Kim
Independent StudySE297HRMIND1 -    Henrique M Reis
Independent StudySE297JGIND1 -    Jugal Garg
Independent StudySE297JMLIND1 -    James Michael Leake
Independent StudySE297JSIND1 -    Justin A Sirignano
Independent StudySE297JTAIND1 -    James Allison
Independent StudySE297KCIND1 -    Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran
Independent StudySE297LFIND1 -    Liming Feng
Independent StudySE297LMIND1 -    Lavanya Marla
Independent StudySE297MGIND1 -    Molly Hathaway Goldstein
Independent StudySE297NHIND1 -    Niao He
Independent StudySE297NKIND1 -    Negar Kiyavash
Independent StudySE297QWIND1 -    Qiong Wang
Independent StudySE297RBSIND1 -    Richard B Sowers
Independent StudySE297RNIND1 -    Rakesh Nagi
Independent StudySE297RSIND1 -    Ruoyu Sun
Independent StudySE297RSSIND1 -    Ramavarapu S Sreenivas
Independent StudySE297SJIND1 -    Sheldon Howard Jacobson
Independent StudySE297SSIND1 -    Julie Murphy
Independent StudySE297TKIND1 -    T Kesavadas
Independent StudySE297XCIND1 -    Xin Chen

Official Description

Individual investigations of any phase of Systems Engineering and Design selected by the students and approved by the department. Course Information: May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.