Decision and Control Systems


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The suggested list of courses is a recommendation. Graduate students should meet with their advisor to finalize course plans each semester. Detailed course information may be found here.

Required Courses

  • SE 424 State Space Design for Control or ECE 515 Control System Theory & Design
  • SE 520/ECE 528/ME 546 Analysis of Nonlinear Systems


Modeling, Identification, and Control

  • SE 521/AE 555 Multivariable Control Design
  • SE 523 Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
  • SE 524 Data-Based Systems Modeling

Robust and Optimal Control

  • SE 525 Control of Complex Systems
  • AE 556 Robust Control
  • ECE 553 Optimum Control Systems

Adaptive and Stochastic Control

  • ECE 517 Nonlinear & Adaptive Control
  • ECE 555 Control of Stochastic Systems
  • ME 562 Robust Adaptive Control

Control and Optimization

  • IE 510 Applied Nonlinear Programming
  • IE 521 Convex Optimization
  • ECE 490 Introduction to Optimization
  • ECE 580 Optimiz by Vector Space Methds
  • ME 561 Convex Methods in Control