Degree Programs

MS Programs

The MS degree may be completed with or without a thesis. The MS degree requires 32 credit hours if choosing the thesis option and 36 hours if choosing the non-thesis option. It is possible to complete the MS non-thesis option in one calendar year.

PhD Programs

The PhD program requires 32 hours of additional coursework beyond the MS degree, plus 32 hours of thesis research. An MS degree is not required to apply to the PhD program. Students applying to the PhD program with a Bachelors’ degree will complete 64 hours of coursework and 32 hours of thesis research. Students should expect to be fully involved in research in the PhD program.

Graduate application information

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ISE Graduate Contacts

Lauren Redman
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies
Telephone: (217) 333-2252

Ramavarapu Sreenivas
Professor, Associate Head for Graduate Studies
Telephone: (217) 333-7735

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