Advisors are a key component or track options in your educational career. Advisors offer advice on course selections, choice of Secondary Field Options and electives, the honors program (if applicable), career choices, and graduate school. In addition, interacting with your advisor as time passes will set the stage for potential letters of recommendations for awards, scholarships, internships, permanent jobs, and graduate school. Each student in ISE is paired with an academic advisor. A different advisor may be requested based on preference or if an advisor is no longer available.

Your advisor may be found by accessing UI Integrate Self-Service.

Significant advising tools complement the student-advisor relationship. The Academic Planning App is a web-based program used for students in the SED and IE undergraduate curricula. All ISE students are expected to use Academic Planning App.

You, the student, are the critical element of the ISE Advising System. All of the above ingredients remain as dormant and untapped resources unless you act by being proactive in all these areas, by checking and verifying your records, by meeting with your advisor, and by using the resources available to you. By not being proactive in all these areas, you risk being controlled by events rather than taking control of your destiny. It’s your choice ... make the wise one!