The 21st century finds us in a radically networked world that combines technology, people, and economics. Dramatically increased systems complexity, large numbers of actors and agents, and vast numbers of interfaces challenge engineers to master multiple disciplines and perspectives ranging across design, operations, and decision making, from the qualitative to the quantitative.

The Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering is committed to developing and integrating the knowledge and tools necessary to create an engineering discipline of complex systems. This discipline borrows heavily from traditional engineering knowledge in industrial engineering, systems engineering, operations research, and computation; it couples these with insights drawn from economics, policy, business, communications, social science, and mathematics.

Data Analytics

Our department’s advanced Data Analytics program is focused on four core areas of research and course development: statistics and data analysis, operations research and decision sciences, computing and computational methods, and enterprise and business fundamentals.
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Decision and Control Systems

Control Systems includes identification, modeling, analysis, and control of dynamic systems. Applications range from controlling robotic arms for tele-surgery to modeling and controlling economic markets; from temperature control in our homes and office buildings to control of unmanned vehicles, rockets, and robots.
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Design and Manufacturing

This area of research creates tools, methods, and processes to optimize products or systems in a wide variety of domains with associated complexities: bio-inspired compliant structures and mechanisms, robotics, co-design of physical and control systems, and sustainable product design taking into account global supply chains, product lifecycle and technology policy.
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Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering students are trained with fundamental economic and finance theory as well as state-of-the-art mathematical, statistical, and computing techniques.
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Operations Research

Operations Research is a discipline that deals with the development and application of advanced analytical methodologies to provide decision support to complex decision-making problems in business, industry, government, and other enterprises.
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