ISE Gratitude

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach a group of brilliant students this semester, even if it is online. Their approaches to this semester's design project give me hope for the future.

Professor Molly Goldstein

I am thankful for my family and my dog and the health of my family and the few friends I've made over zoom classes. It's been hard times but every day there's a silver lining.

IE student

I am grateful for being a member of this vivid and diverse community at UIUC, and for my parents and friends who support me at difficult times.   

Weixuan Sun

I am thankful for the good health of those around me and the opportunity to continue my degree. I am also thankful for the supportive emails sent out to students.  

Samuel Weiss
SE Student

Let's be grateful for our family, friends, and our good health.  Thank you for supporting ISE.


I am thankful for food, for safety, my cat and all of my friends and advisors to help me on my way. :)


I have met my two great friends through ISE and I would not have been able to be successful this semester without them! (love you Rose and Connor!)      


I am thankful to work with students who are conducting research that will change our lives for the better. I'm also thankful I work at one of the most amazing universities in the world! 

Lauren Redman
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs

During a difficult semester all online, I am so thankful for the group of ISE students who have become not only my study buddies or fellow exec members, but also my lifelong friends! 


I'm thankful for all the people at U of I that have worked so hard to make online and in person learning work and to keep us safe on campus! 

Briella Henderson
ISE student

I am so thankful for all my ISE friends who have played a vital role in getting me through this unexpected semester and the positivity and encouragement that has come from the faculty and advisors! 

Taylor Calcagno
ISE Student

I'm so thankful that the ISE department has continuously been creating events that keep me engaged and connected to students and our faculty. 

Rose Chiodo
ISE Student

It has been such a challenging year and I'm thankful to be a part of this college and department. Our university has done a lot to save lives, including the free Covid tests that not all of the other universities are providing. Our department ranking has gone up 8 points despite this challenging time. I am grateful for our department staff for this reason. I hope everyone can stay safe and be well until the day we meet in person again. 


I am thankful for the good health of those around me and the opportunity to continue my degree. I am also thankful for the supportive emails sent out to students.


I'm thankful for my friends and family as well as our beautiful campus. Thank you to all professors and advisors for being supportive and finding innovative ways to teach and engage with students.


I am grateful for my family, faith, and friends. I am blessed to have a good job working with great people. I miss the face-to-face interactions but I am grateful for technology that allows me to interact with others. I am also grateful for the lessons I have learned throughout this year. Some of these lessons have been difficult but they have given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

Heidi Craddock
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs

This year has brought me a new job, new house, new friends, new job for my husband, new schools for my kids and many other blessings too numerous to count.  I'm so thankful for all these things in a year full of challenges!

Amy Lamb

During these unprecedented times, I am grateful for my boss William & my ISE professors for being so understanding & supportive. Thank you for your dedication to the ISE family! 

Maddie Evangelisti
ISE Student

This Thanksgiving I am grateful to be a part of the ISE Community and I look forward to learning and growing with an elite group of faculty, staff and students. 

Mike Adams
Associate Director of Operations

This Thanksgiving I am especially grateful for the health of my family. I am also extremely grateful to have a job that I love.

Julie Murphy
Assistant Director for Alumni, Corporate & Student Relations, ISE

This Thanksgiving I am grateful to be part of such a diverse community at UIUC, and for the steps taken to ensure community safety

William Gillespie

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