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ISE Alumni Board 2020
Left to right: front row, James Ehrhart, Cynthia Richartz, Curtis Stowers, Richard Blackwell, Scott Morrison, Stephanie Richartz, Michael Brunetto;
Left to right: middle row, Megan McGovern, Julie Murphy, Heidi Craddock
Left to right: back row, Damon Scott, Jay Nuttall, David Eitel, Diane Steinkamp, James Anfield, Michael Harrison, Jason Struthers, Albert Patterson, Mark Gittings, Maria Campos, Ryan Schermerhorn, Michael Loquercio.

ISE Alumni & Advisory Board

The ISE Alumni & Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, and alumni who provide broad perspectives on challenges and opportunities and work to keep the curriculum relevant, so students are prepared for the dynamic landscape of industry and technology

Elected board members serve as Department ambassadors, promoting achievements and building partnerships with industry, government, and other academic institutions. They also support ISE career placement goals by providing and identifying networking opportunities, mentoring programs, and job shadowing experiences and internships for students.

There are four committees and one subcommittee that meet monthly: the Executive Committee, Alumni Relations, 100th Anniversary Subcommittee, Business Perspectives, and Recruitment and Retention.

Oversees Board operations. The President serves as the chair; the Immediate Past President chairs the Membership Committee; and the Vice President maintains Board Bylaws and maintains Board membership.

–– AY 23/24 Chair: Michael Harrison
Organizes outreach activities to help ISE alums stay in touch.

Committee assists in maintaining the ISE Alumni Advisory Board Directory and repository of alumni and engagement metrics, supporting networking strategies and events, and raising awareness with students.

– AY 23/24 Chair: Curtis Stowers
Serves as a resource for the Department to hear from ISE alums and leverage their experience.

Officers serve as a bridge between the ISE Department and public/private industry through workshops and corporate outreach, leading to research opportunities, funding, and internships. Focus areas include graduate preparation for placement and curriculum reviews. 

AY 23/24 Chair: Stephanie Richartz
Plans activities that enrich the ISE student experience. The Recruitment and Retention Committee attends high school outreach and STEM events and provides support and insight to students on the versatility and benefits of undergraduate disciplines towards future careers and aspirations.

– AY 23/24 Chair: Diane Steinkamp

Leads efforts including a celebratory gala, alumni awards, and a written history of the Department.

If you’re interested in being nominated for membership, please contact Julie Murphy.

Alumni, Corporate, & Student Relations 

Julie Murphy

Associate Director for Alumni, Corporate & Student Relations

1270-E Digital Computer Lab
1304 W. Springfield Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 244-0095

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