Domestic Applicants

Domestic students are defined as U.S. Citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents, and those in Asylee, Paroled in Public Interest, or Refugee status.


Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline (mathematics acceptable) from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or a comparable degree from a recognized institution of higher learning abroad to apply to the MS or Ph.D. program. Students do not have to have a Master’s degree to apply to the Ph.D. program.

Applicants who already hold a master’s degree may not apply for a second master’s degree in the same field.

Application Requirements

Applicants should not apply to more than one ISE program per semester. All application materials may be uploaded online during the application process. Please DO NOT send official copies of transcripts, diplomas, reference letters, or scores. Applicants will be contacted if additional materials are required.

The following application materials must be submitted:

  • Online application
  • Application fee of $70
  • Academic Statement. Please write a statement that answers the following questions (recommended length: 750 words max):
    1. How has your academic background, including any training, research, or other academic experiences, prepared you for graduate study?
    2. What are your intellectual interests and what scholarly questions are you interested in exploring in graduate study?
    3. Are there any specific faculty members whose research interests align with your own that you would like to work with?
    4. How will our program help you achieve your intellectual and professional goals?
  • Personal Statement (recommended length: 250 words max): Do you have any personal experiences, achievements, strengths, or circumstances not discussed in your academic statement that you would like to include or that you believe will help you succeed in our program?
  • Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts (may be unofficial, but applicant name and university name must appear)
  • Highly Recommended for MS Applicants – Official GRE scores – explore the GRE General Test at Home as a potential option if you are not able to take it in person
  • Required for PhD Applications – Official GRE scores – explore the GRE General Test at Home as a potential option if you are not able to take it in person

Please keep in mind that all application materials submitted will be used to review your application. 

Full-time employees of the University of Illinois will be admitted only as on-campus students and may complete this program on a part-time basis.