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Full House: A Winning Hand - Wooldridge's Lab Welcomes Undergraduates Into High-Level Research

MAR 4, 2021

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Where do they work?

  • 4R Systems
  • Abbott Molecular
  • Abdullah Gul University
  • Amazon
  • American Airlines
  • Apple
  • Ascending Technolgies
  • Axis, Inc.
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • C3 loT
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • Center for Bionic Medicine, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • Cornelius (Bershire Hathaway Group)
  • Credit Suisse AG
  • Elster Solutions
  • Epic Systems Corporation
  • GE Global Research Center
  • General Motors Research & Development
  • Goldman Sachs (3)
  • Great Lakes Technologies
  • HighRadius Corp. (2)
  • IBM
  • Infosys Public Services
  • ISO New England
  • Kettering University
  • Korea National Defense University
  • Lenze Americas
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Molex Inc.
  • Molex LLC
  • National University of Singapore
  • Nazarbayev University
  • Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc.
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • SanDisk Corporation
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • South Korean Military
  • Teklink International
  • The State University of New York at Buffalo
  • United States Military Academy-West Point (2)
  • University of Illinois (2)
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • University of Montreal
  • Walmart Labs
  • Yahoo!

Recent Ph.D. Dissertations

Student Semester Advisor Dissertation Title UIUC /  IDEALS link
Li, Yao Fall 2020 Kesavadas, T EEG-based brain-computer interface for human-robot collaboration
Li, Menglong Fall 2020 Chen, Xin M?-convexity, S-convexity, and their applications in operations
Ghayoori, Arash Fall 2020 Nagi, Rakesh Budget allocation and optimal use of resources in four different contexts: Data centers, viral marketing, recommendation systems, and the fight with the HIV epidemic
Courtney, Logan Fall 2020 Sreenivas, Ramavarapu Learning from videos with deep convolutional LSTM networks
Zhang, Wenda Summer 2020 Jacobson, Sheldon Cyclic best first search in branch-and-bound algorithms
Raman, Arun Summer 2020 Sreenivas, Ramavarapu On the decidability of problems in liveness of controlled Discrete Event Systems modeled by Petri Nets
Han, Hyeongmin Spring 2020 Kim, Harrison Design analytics for product family optimization 
Pareek, Shrey Spring 2020 Kesavadas, T iART: An Intelligent Assistive Robotic Therapy System for Home-Based Stroke Rehabilitation
Patiballa, Sree Kalyan Spring 2020 Krishnan, Girish A Kinetostatic Conceptual Framework to Design Deformable Architectured Materials
Sankaran, Naveen Kumar Spring 2020 Kesavadas, T Design and Development of Systems for Interventional Surgical Robot 
Uppalapati, Naveen Kumar Spring 2020 Krishnan, Girish Design and Characterization of Soft Continuum Manipulators Using Fiber Reinforced Actuators
Lohan, Danny John Fall 2019 Allison, James Topology Optimization Methods for Heat Sink Design Applied to Power Electronics
Singh, Gaurav Fall 2019 Krishnan, Girish Modeling and Design of Fiber Reinforced Pneumatic Actuators for Soft Robotic Applications
Wang, Shuanglong Fall 2019 Sowers, Richard Managing Multiple Services on the Ride-Hailing Platform
Satheesh Babu, Sree Shankar Summer 2019 Krishnan, Girish Surrogate Models for the Design and Control of Soft Systems
Suryadi, Dedy Summer 2019 Kim, Harrison Data-Driven Methodologies for Decision Making in Engineering Design
Wan, Haohua Summer 2019 Wang, Qiong Optimal Inventory Control for Assemble - to - Order Systems: A Stochastic Programming Based Asymptotic Analysis Framework
Hu, Runqi Spring 2019 Feng, Liming Inverting multivariate analytic characteristic functions with financial applications
Bhatti, Shahzad Fazal Summer 2018 Beck, Carolyn Scalable centralized and distributed spectral clustering
Guo, Tinghao Summer 2018 Allison, James On the use of Machine learning with Design Optimization Data for System Topology Design
Quan, Ning Summer 2018 Kim, Harrison Formulations and Methods for Wind Farm Layout Optimization
Khetan, Ashish Kumar Spring 2018 Oh, Sewoong Social computation: fundamental limits and efficient algorithms
Kwon, Hee Youn Spring 2018 Jacobson, Sheldon New developments in causal inference using balance optimization subset selection
Truong, Anh Spring 2018 Kiyavash, Negar Learning from Expert Advice Framework: Algorithms and Applications
Herber, Daniel Ronald Fall 2017 Allison, James Advances in Combined Architecture, Plant, and Control Design
Etesami, Seyedjalal Summer 2017 Kiyavash, Negar Casual Structure of Networks of Stochastic Processes
Gao, Xiangyu Summer 2017 Chen, Xin Stochastic optimization with decisions truncated by random variables and its applications in operations
Deshmukh, Anand Pramod Spring 2017 Allison, James Optimization and control of wind energy systems for grid integration
Khatibi, Arash Spring 2017 Jacobson, Sheldon Generalized Sequential Assignment Problem
Rosaline Kone   2014-05 Monitoring unknown source IP addresses and packet sizes to detect DDoS attacks  
Date, Ketan Hemant Fall 2016 Nagi, Rakesh Theoretical and Computational Advances in Finite-Size Facility Placement and Assignment Problems
McGovern, Megan E Summer 2016 Reis, Henrique Non-destructive quantitative assessment of oxidation in aged and rejuvenated asphalt concrete pavements using a non-collinear wave mixing approach
Reck, Rebecca Marie Spring 2016 Sreenivas, Ramavarapu; Loui, Michael Experiential learning in control systems laboratories and engineering project management
Schreiner, James H Spring 2016 Thurston, Deborah Impact of technology on patient discharge decision making
Jayaraman, Chandrasekaran Fall 2015 Sosnoff, Jacob; Beck, Carolyn Shoulder Pain in Manual Wheelchair Users; Towards a Multi-Disciplinary Solution for a Multi-Faceted Problem
Jiang, Hao Fall 2015 Shanbhag, Vinayak On the Resolution of Misspecification in Stochastic Optimization, Variational Inequality, and Game-Theoretic Problems
Somnath, Nisha Fall 2015 Sreenivas, Ramavarapu On Computing a Liveness Enforcing Supervisory Policy for a Class of General Petri Nets
Hu, Zhenyu Summer 2015 Chen, Xin Dynamic Pricing with Reference Price Effects
Salimi, Ehsan Summer 2015 Sreenivas, Ramavarapu On the Convexity of Righ-Closed Sets and its Application to Liveness Enforcement on Petri Nets
Chen, Xi Spring 2015 Zhou, Enlu New model-based methods for non-differentiable optimization
Hupman, Andrea C Spring 2015 Abbas, Ali Theoretical and Experimental Examinations of Target-Based Decision Making
Ma, Jung Mok Spring 2015 Kim, Harrison Predictive design analytics for optimal system design
Sutcu, Muhammed Spring 2015 Abbas, Ali Approximating multivariate distributions with cumulative residual entropy: a study on dynamic integrated climate-economy model
Alvarado Ortiz, Alberth Estuardo Fall 2014 Pang, Jong-Shi Centralized and Distributed Resource Allocation with Applications to Signal Processing in Communications
Xu, Yunwen Fall 2014 Salapaka, Srinivasa;
Beck, Carolyn
Clustering, Coverage and Aggregation Methods for Large Networks
Abdildin, Yerkin Garyshuly Summer 2014 Abbas, Ali Multiattribute Utility Functions for the Deep Borehole Filter Restoration Problem
Baharian Khoshkhou, Golshid Summer 2014 Jacobson, Sheldon Stochastic Sequential Assignment Problem
Chen, Jingnan Summer 2014 Feng, Liming Optimal Deleveraging and Liquidation of Financial Portfolios with Market Impact
Pan, Limeng Summer 2014 Chen, Xin Dynamic Decision-Making under Uncertainties: Algorithms Based on Linear Decision Rules and Applications in Operating Models
Wang, Fuyuan Summer 2014 Feng, Liming;
Pang, Jong-Shi
Forward and Inverse American Option Pricing via Complementarity Approach
Behzad, Banafsheh Spring 2014 Jacobson, Sheldon Analysis of the United States Pediatric Immunization Market: A Game Theoretic Approach
Kone, Roseline Estelle Sindolmane Spring 2014 Sowers, Richard Monitoring Unknown Source IP Addresses and Packet Sizes to Detect DDoS Attacks
Schiro, Dane Andrew Fall 2013 Shanbhag, Vinayak;
Pang, Jong-Shi
Game Theoretic Formulations and Solution Methods for Microeconomic Market Models
Valicka, Christopher Gregory Fall 2013 Stipanovic, Dusan Multi-Objective Control and Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems
Behdad, Sara Summer 2013 Thurston, Deborah Decision Analysis Methods to Handle Uncertainties that Impact Product End-of-Life Recovery
Tursun Ozer, Umit Deniz Summer 2013 Nedich, Angelia Random Projection Methods for Stochastic Convex Minimization
Yang, Rui Summer 2013 Peng, Jiming New Results on Some Quadratic Programming Problems
Yousefian, Seyed Farzad Summer 2013 Shanbhag, Vinayak;
Nedich, Angelia
Stochastic Approximation Schemes for Stochastic Optimization and Variational Problems: Adaptive
Steplengths, Smoothing, and Regularization
Zhu, Tao Summer 2013 Peng, Jiming Linear and Nonlinear Semidefinite Relaxations of Some NP-Hard Problems
Chen, Zisheng Spring 2013 Feng, Liming Topics on Option Valuation and Model Calibration
Senalik, Christopher Adam Spring 2013 Reis, Henrique Detection and Assessment of Wood Decay - Glulam Beams and Wooden Utility Poles
Koshal, Jayash Fall 2012 N/A Distributed Algorithms for Networked Multi-Agent Systems: Optimization and Competition
Lee, Yu-Ching Fall 2012 Pang, Jong-Shi Global Solution to Parametric Complementarity Constrained Programs and Applications in Optimal
Parameter Selection
Sun, Zhengwei Fall 2012 N/A Effects of Risk Aversion on Value of Information in Two-Action Decision Problems
Kwak, Minjung Summer 2012 Kim, Harrison Green Profit Design for Lifecycle
King, Douglas M Spring 2012 Jacobson, Sheldon Graph Theory Models and Algorithms for Political Districting: An Approach to Inform Public Policy
Zhao, Yuan Spring 2012 N/A Incorporating Heterogeneous Customer Preferences with Bayesian Methods for Decision making in Enviromentally Conscious Design
Hu, Peng Fall 2011 N/A Coordinated Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management
Lu, Shen Fall 2011 Kim, Harrison Decomposition-Based, Complementarity Models for Renewable Energy Generation
System Design Optimization
Srivastava, Kunai Fall 2011   Distributed Optimization with Applications to Sensor Networks and Machine Learning
Touri, Behrouz Fall 2011 Nedich, Angelia Product of Random Stochastic Matrices and Distributed Averaging
Herring, Scarlett R Summer 2011   Supporting Example-Based Ideation and Assessment Practices in Engineering Design
Moon, Jae-Sung Spring 2011   Stability Analysis and Control for Bipedal Locomotion Using Energy Methods
Tucker, Conrad Soorba Spring 2011   Data Trend Mining for Predictive Systems Design
Kulkarni, Ankur A Fall 2010   Generalized Nash Games with Shared Constraints: Existence, Efficiency, Refinement and Equilibrium Constraints
Al Kindi, Mahmood Abdullah Summer 2010 Abbas, Ali Normative Perspectives in Manufacturing
Elble, Joseph M Summer 2010   Computational Experience with Linear Optimization and Related Problems
Robbins, Matthew J Summer 2010   Exploring Pediatric Immunization Markets Using Operations Research and Game Theory
Zhang, Yuhan Summer 2010 Chen, Xin Essays on Robust Optimization, Integrated Inventory and Pricing, and Reference Price Effect
Bradley, Joe A Fall 2009   A Multi-Domain Analysis Framework for Product Development: The "Mediating Links" of
Data, Information, and Knowledge in Complex Engineered Product Systems
Mejia, Juan Santiago Fall 2009   Safe Control and Coordination of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles
Stankovic, Milos Fall 2009   Control and Estimation Algorithms for Multiple-Agent Systems
Suarez-Nunez, Carlos Alberto Fall 2009   Strategic Technology Planning Using Roadmaps in the Value System
Rios, Luis Miguel Spring 2009   Algorithms for Derivative-Free Optimization
Martinez Palafox, Oscar Fall 2008   Teleoperation of Differential Drive Mobile Robots
Miller, Sarah Fall 2008   Supporting Joint Human-Computer Judgment Under Uncertainty
Nikolaev, Alexander Fall 2008   Stochastic Sequential Resource Allocation and Passenger Assignment in Aviation Security Systems
Pandey, Vijitashwa Fall 2008   Component Level Reuse by Incorporating Entropy Metrics Into a Multiattribute Design Decision Model
Proano M, Ruben A Fall 2008   Strengthening the Sustainability of the Pediatric Vaccine Supply by Using Operations Research Methods
Sharma, Puneet Fall 2008   Entropy Based Framework for Static and Dynamic Coverage and Clustering Problems
Huo, Shihong Spring 2008   Estimation of Adhesive Bond Strength in Laminated Safety Glass Using Guided Mechanical Waves
Mastellone, Silvia Spring 2008   Interaction and Configuration Control for Networks of Dynamical Systems
Robinson, Craig L Spring 2008   Policies and Mechanisms for Networked Control Systems
Borgerson, Jacob L Fall 2007   Monitoring Early Age Cementitious Materials Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves
Ervin, Benjamin Lee Fall 2007   Monitoring Corrosion of Rebar Embedded in Mortar Using Guided Ultrasonic Waves
Chopra, Nikhil Fall 2006   Output Synchronization of Networked Passive Systems
Hall, Shane Nikolaus Fall 2006   The Design and Analysis of Pediatric Vaccine Formularies: Theory and Practice
Tang, Dong Fall 2006   Logistics of Liquid Delivery in Micro/Nano Fluidic Networks
Harper, Steven R Spring 2006   Using Stranded Assets Analysis to Inform Distributed Incremental System Design
McLay, Laura A Spring 2006   Designing Aviation Security Systems: Theory and Practice
Gans, Nicholas R  Fall 2005   Hybrid Switched System Visual Servo Control
Bless, Patrick N Fall 2004   Automated Knowledge Source Selection and Service Composition in Manufacturing

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