IE 597 - Independent Study

Summer 2023

Independent StudyIE5970IND1 -    
Independent StudyIE597AAIND1 -    Ali E Abbas
Independent StudyIE597AAPIND1 -    Andreas A Polycarpou
Independent StudyIE597ACKIND1 -    Alex Kirlik
Independent StudyIE597ANIND1 -    Angelia Nedich
Independent StudyIE597APIND1 -    Arne J Pearlstein
Independent StudyIE597AVOIND1 -    Alexander Olshevsky
Independent StudyIE597AWJIND1 -    Amy Wagoner Johnson
Independent StudyIE597BGTIND1 -    Brian G Thomas
Independent StudyIE597BNIND1 -     Bob Norris
Independent StudyIE597CBIND1 -    Carolyn L Beck
Independent StudyIE597DCKIND1 -    Dimitrios C Kyritsis
Independent StudyIE597DGMIND1 -    Daniel G Morrow
Independent StudyIE597DLTIND1 -    Deborah L Thurston
Independent StudyIE597DSIND1 -    Dusan M Stipanovic
Independent StudyIE597EHWIND1 -    Elizabeth T Hsiao-Wecksler
Independent StudyIE597GKIND1 -    Girish Krishnan
Independent StudyIE597HRMIND1 -    Henrique M Reis
Independent StudyIE597JASIND1 -    Justin A Sirignano
Independent StudyIE597JGIND1 -    Jugal Garg
Independent StudyIE597JMLIND1 -    James Michael Leake
Independent StudyIE597JSPIND1 -    Jong-Shi Pang
Independent StudyIE597JTAIND1 -    James Allison
Independent StudyIE597KCIND1 -    Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran
Independent StudyIE597LFIND1 -    Liming Feng
Independent StudyIE597LMIND1 -    Lavanya Marla
Independent StudyIE597MFYIND1 -    Min-Feng Yu
Independent StudyIE597MLIND1 -    
Independent StudyIE597NCPIND1 -    Nicholas C Petruzzi
Independent StudyIE597NHIND1 -    Niao He
Independent StudyIE597NKIND1 -    Negar Kiyavash
Independent StudyIE597NSIND1 -    Nikolaos V Sahinidis
Independent StudyIE597PMFIND1 -     Placid Ferreira
Independent StudyIE597PWIND1 -    Pingfeng Wang
Independent StudyIE597QWIND1 -    Qiong Wang
Independent StudyIE597RBSIND1 -    Richard B Sowers
Independent StudyIE597RLPIND1 -    Raymond Lewis Price
Independent StudyIE597RSSIND1 -    Ramavarapu S Sreenivas
Independent StudyIE597SGKIND1 -     Shiv Kapoor
Independent StudyIE597SHJIND1 -    Sheldon Howard Jacobson
Independent StudyIE597SOIND1 -    Sewoong Oh
Independent StudyIE597TLVIND1 -    Terry L Von Thaden
Independent StudyIE597USPIND1 -    Udatta S Palekar
Independent StudyIE597WJDIND1 -    Wayne J Davis
Independent StudyIE597XCIND1 -    Xin Chen
Independent StudyIE597YLIND1 -    Yumeng Li
Independent StudyIE597YOIND1 -    Yanfeng Ouyang
Independent StudyIE597YZIND1 -    Yuan Zhou

Official Description

Independent study of advanced problems related to industrial engineering. Course Information: May be repeated in the same or separate terms if topics vary to a maximum of 12 hours. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Course Description

Students must arrange course content with the instructor. Permission is required by the instructor, advisor, and Graduate Programs via submission of an Independent Study request form. Please contact the ISE Graduate Programs Office at The student will be given the CRN for their instructor’s section upon approval. May be repeated.

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