Number Title Sample Syllabus Timetable
IE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
IE 300 Analysis of Data
IE 310 Determin Models in Optmzation Website
IE 330 Industrial Quality Control Website
IE 340 Human Factors Website
IE 361 Production Planning & Control Website
IE 370 Stochastic Processes & Applic Website
IE 397 Independent Study
IE 398 Machine Learning for Oprn Rsch
IE 398 CV Simulation Website
IE 398 ML Machine Learning for Oprn Rsch Website
IE 413 Simulation Website
IE 420 Financial Engineering Website
IE 497 Independent Study
IE 498 Electronic Trading
IE 498 ET Electronic Trading Website
IE 511 Integer Programming Website
IE 514 Optimiz Mthds Lrg Scale Ntwk Website
IE 521 Convex Optimization Website
IE 525 Stochastics & Numerics in Fin Website
IE 531 Algorithms for Data Analytics Website
IE 534 Deep Learning Website
IE 546 Human Factors in HCES Website
IE 590 Industrial Engr. Grad Seminar Website
IE 597 Independent Study
IE 598 Distributed Decision Systems
IE 598 DDS Distributed Decision Systems Website
IE 598 ET Electronic Trading Website
IE 598 GT IE 598GT: Topics in Game Theory and Fair Division Website
IE 599 Thesis Research
SE 101 Engineering Graphics & Design
SE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
SE 261 Business Side of Engineering Website
SE 290 ISE Undergraduate Seminar Website
SE 297 Independent Study
SE 310 Dsgn of Structures & Mechanism Website
SE 311 Engineering Design Analysis Website
SE 312 Instrumentation and Test Lab Website
SE 397 Independent Study
SE 400 Engineering Law Website
SE 411 Reliability Engineering Website
SE 413 Engrg Design Optimization Website
SE 422 Robot Dynamics and Control
SE 423 Mechatronics Website
SE 424 State Space Design for Control Website
SE 494 Senior Engineering Project I Website
SE 495 Senior Engineering Project II Website
SE 497 Independent Study
SE 498 Autonomous Vehicle Sys Lab
SE 498 WL1 Autonomous Vehicle Sys Lab Website
SE 498 WL3 Autonomous Vehicle Sys Lab Website
SE 498 WN1 Autonomous Vehicle Systems Website
SE 498 WN2 Autonomous Vehicle Systems Website
SE 520 Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Website
SE 525 Control of Complex Systems Website
SE 590 Seminar
SE 594 Project Design
SE 597 Independent Study
SE 598 Data-driven Design Methods Website
SE 599 Thesis Research