Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing.

Design and Manufacturing (D&M) research in ISE is at the forefront of advancing knowledge in emerging research areas that apply scientific methods to the conceptualization, refinement, and realization of systems and products. The systems considered in D&M research fulfill specific human needs under physical, social, economic, and environmental constraints, with implications in decision making, design optimization, tradeoff analysis, and user-centered design. This area of research creates tools, methods, and processes to optimize products or systems in a wide variety of domains with associated complexities: bio-inspired compliant structures and mechanisms, robotics, co-design of physical and control systems, sustainable product design taking into account global supply chains, product lifecycle and technology policy. D&M aims at forming a firm base for innovations in next-generation physical and enterprise systems that will serve to enhance the nation’s competency in a globally challenging environment.



The suggested list of courses is a recommendation. Graduate students should meet with their advisor to finalize course plans each semester. Detailed course information may be found here.

  • SE 410 Component Design (does not count toward degree)
  • SE 411 Reliability Engineering
  • SE 413 Engrg Design Optimization
  • SE 420 Digital Control Systems
  • SE 423 Mechatronics
  • SE 530 Multiattribute Decision Making
  • SE 598 Compliant Mechanism Design
  • SE 598 Dynamic System Modelling and Design
  • IE 513 Optimal System Design