Zite AI places among top Cozad New Venture Challenge winners

5/9/2023 Cassandra Smith

Written by Cassandra Smith

How do you help a small business get off the ground? One company founded by an ISE graduate student just got funding to aid in the answer. 

Zite AI helps small businesses get the right start by assisting them with location scouting by leveraging artificial intelligence. “By using AI, we consider billions of data points in order to quantitatively assess the quality of location—something humans simply can’t do,” said founder Josh Love, whose advisor is Henrique M. Reis (PHD). 

During the Cozad New Venture Challenge, Zite AI placed fourth among the top award winners. The Zite AI team received $5,000 in funding. 

The Cozad Challenge connects inventors with investors and mentors to help them get a start. Those start-ups can get funding and other prizes from a pool of more than $300,000, a record-breaking amount according to challenge officials. 

“Getting the $5,000 prize from the Cozad Challenge is a mark of confidence in our team and the Zite AI mission to maximize the potential of small businesses everywhere,” said Love. “The prize gives us the momentum to raise additional funds and make the dreams of small business owners into reality.” 

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This story was published May 9, 2023.