R.S. Sreenivas has won the Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate & Professional Teaching

April 12, 2023

William Gillespie

R.S. Sreenivas
R.S. Sreenivas


Ramavarapu (“R.S.”) Sreenivas has won the Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate & Professional Teaching.


For many years, Sreenivas has delivered outstanding graduate and professional instruction, exceptional mentoring of his graduate advisees, positive impact to the lives of his students, leadership in the formulation of the M.S. in Financial Engineering program and distinguished service as the ISE Associate Head for Graduate Programs. According to the Illinois News Bureau, “Professor Sreenivas is an exceptional instructor whose unique way of teaching draws the full attention of students and generates a deep interest in the subject. It is evident how knowledgeable and passionate he is in the way he lectures, promotes a discussion-based environment and explains the most complex topics with ease.”


Among other teaching awards and honors bestowed by his peers, Sreenivas has been featured in the student-juried List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent 23 times for the following courses:


  • GE420: Digital Control Systems
  • GE424: State Space Design for Control
  • GE523: Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
  • IE511: Integer Programming 
  • IE523: Financial Computing 
  • IE531: Algorithms for Data Analytics

In his home department of ISE, Sreenivas has excelled as a teacher and has contributed to the growth of the department in numerous ways. Sreenivas is a principal architect of the Master's of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) Program. Formed in 2006, MSFE is ISE's first professional program, and proved instrumental in helping the ISE Department move through its complicated formation to become the thriving department it is today. Sreenivas was reportedly tireless in his efforts: he wrote proposals and he pursued faculty in the Gies College of Business to create the new curriculum, which is shared between ISE and the Gies College of Business Department of Accounting.


Although Sreenivas's original research area was Controls, to support MSFE, he pivoted to produce, develop and perfect entirely new classes in Financial Engineering, including:


  • SE523: Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
  • IE523: Financial Computing
  • IE511: Integer Programming
  • IE598ADA/IE531: Algorithms for Data Analytics

In addition to his work bringing the MSFE program into existence, Sreenivas has served as the Associate Head for Graduate Studies at ISE for over a decade, and oversaw the formation of ISE's first online degree programs. Today, ISE's graduate programs are growing faster than ever.


ISE is lucky to have R.S. Sreenivas, and so our are students. Congratulations, R.S.!

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