ISE professor & PhD candidate take home DAC 'Best Paper Award'

September 5, 2023

Cassandra Smith

<em>Pingfeng Wang (left) and Xingyan Liu (right)</em>
Pingfeng Wang (left) and Xingyan Liu (right)

An ISE professor and his PhD student were recognized for their paper regarding product design.

Professor Pingfeng Wang and his PhD candidate, Xingyang Liu, co-authored “Integrated sustainable product design with warranty and end-of-use considerations.” In an abstract of their paper, the researchers said, “By optimizing the reliability property and selecting the best component alternative among available ones, the developed model can achieve optimal economic and environmental performance under uncertain operating condition.” 

They were presented with the Best Paper Award for the 2023 Design Automation Conference, which was organized by the Design Engineering Division at ASME. 

“Receiving the best paper award from a highly esteemed conference within the design community is a significant acknowledgment and a source of motivation,” said Liu. “It represents a significant achievement in my research journey.” 

Liu said she appreciates what her advisor, Wang, has taught her about integrated design and operations. “We investigate the impact of reliability in the circular economy and the work in this paper can help improve the sustainability in product development by integrating the downstream lifecycle performance into the initial product design.” 

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