Kushagra Mittal (BSIE 2020): a Senior Engineering success story

Carly Defilippo

Early in April, Kushagra Mittal (Kush), Senior Engineering Program (SE494) student and IE Spring 2020 graduate, was informed that his first job offer as a Design Engineer was rescinded due to the pandemic. But soon after his final presentation in SE494, Kush was contacted by Agri-Fab (his Senior Engineering Program industry partner) to interview for a Design Engineer position, and received a full-time offer.

In the Senior Engineering Program capstone course, students in teams of three or four are guided by faculty advisors and are challenged to develop solutions to real-world engineering problems provided by industry-partnering companies. “SE494/5 has been an integral part in my transition from an engineering student to an engineer. I was always confident in my personal skills, and the class provided me with an opportunity to apply them to solve real life engineering problems,” stated Kush. Professor Harry S. Wildblood is the Director of the Senior Engineering Program, and Kush acknowledges that without his efforts, guidance and knowledge, he would not have been able to achieve what he has today. The student group got first position for the Bernt O. Larson Award and has been selected for 20 finalists for 2019-2020 Outstanding ISE Capstone Senior Design Projects Award.

Our Senior Engineering Program works hard to bring real-world, professional engineering challenges to the senior students by partnering with companies to tackle and solve their most pressing problems, subject to realistic constraints and supported by economic analyses and recommendations for implementation.  There are multiple reports and presentations throughout the term, several trips to their partnering companies, and in Kushagra Mittal’s case, a full-time career opportunity post-graduation. “The way Senior Design is structured encourages us to strive for the best,” Kush said.

Kush was excited to begin his professional career as a Design Engineer at Agri-Fab on June 8th, 2020. Agri-Fab is an established manufacturer of lawn care products based out of Sullivan, Illinois that specializes in tow-behind implements such as lawn sweepers, spreaders and aerators.

Congratulations to IE Spring 2020 graduate, Kushagra Mittal, on his successful transition to the workforce. As a Department, we are proud to have a Senior Engineering Program that provides fulfilling results both inside the classroom and out. Our ISE network gives prospective students and their parents hope of jobs after graduation.

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