Unique outcome for 7th Annual Mottier Innovation Challenge


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It was another exciting year for the Mottier Innovation Challenge! This year proved to be unique as there were two teams who tied for second instead of having the traditional third-place team.

Here are the results of the recent 7th annual challenge, determined by the judges:

  • 1st Place and recipient of $5,000 is: InternCruise (Yash Agarwal, Ashay Gandhi, & Manas Godha)
  • 2nd Place and recipient of $2,000 is: Sign Sight (Alisha Daga, Ashmit Dutta, & Shane Spatol)
  • 2nd Place and recipient of $2,000 is: Thermal Eye (Sean Atienza, Dylan Edwards,  Kevin Silbernagel)


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This story was published December 18, 2023.