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Sidhanth Asur takes 3rd place at Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition


ISE student Sidhanth Asur took 3rd place at the IISE North-Central Region Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition. Sidhanth is a sophomore in Systems Engineering and Design. His SFO is Autonomous Systems and Robotics. The winning paper is Hyperspectral Camera Development and Evaluation for Improved Terrain Characterization.

The hyperspectral sensor is a revolutionary device that allows for detailed data collection, especially in terrain characterization databases. However, these sensors are commercially available for more than $20,000 which far exceeds many research groups’ funding. This project was meant to recreate a hyperspectral sensor camera, for low cost.

The research was sponsored by the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at ISE. Professor William Norris served as Asur's advisor.