Professors Vogiatzis, Wooldridge, receive Jump ARCHES grants

January 19, 2022

ISE Professors. Chrysafis Vogiatzis and Abigail Wooldridge have been awarded Jump ARCHES grants. “These grants reflect areas of tremendous research success on the U of I campus at the intersection of engineering and medicine," said T. Kesh Kesavadas, director of HCESC.

Abigail Wooldridge has teamed up with Deborah McCarter and former ISE Professor of Statistics Alexandra Chronopoulou, for "Monitoring the Health of the Hospital: Using Wearable Sensors to Monitor Nursing Stress". Their goal is reducing the number of instances of medical error.

Charee M. Thompson, Mardia Bishop, Krishan Kataria, and ISE Professor Chrysafis Vogiatzis, for "Healing Health Care Disparities among BIPOC Patients through Virtual Reality Cultural Competency Training". Their goal is to reduce health disparities among BIPOC patients.

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