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Employment Statistics

ISE graduate students have found many job opportunities in various well-know industries over the years. A summary of the last three years of placement is below. For additional information, please contact the ISE department.

Top Salaries MS and PhD Graduates

August 2018 NA NA 122,300 NA
May 2018 61,300 NA 110,000 NA
December 2017 $69,500 65,000 NA NA
December 2016 $120,000 NA $65,000 (post-doc) NA
August 2016 $85,000 NA NA $93,000
May 2016 $135,000 $100,000 NA $110,000
December 2015 $70,000 NA $87,360 $48,000 (post-doc)
August 2015 $75,000 $55,000 $120,000 NA
May 2015 $105,000 NA $68,500 $110,000
December 2014 NA NA $100,000 NA
August 2014 $105,000 NA $100,000 NA
May 2014 $90,000 $82,000 $113,000 NA
December 2013 NA NA $100,000 $109,000
August 2013 $31,000 $65,000 $150,000 NA

Where do they work?

4R Systems Abbott Molecular Abdullah Gul University
Amazon American Airlines Apple
Ascending Technolgies Axis, Inc. Boston Consulting Group
C3 loT California State University, Long Beach Center for Bionic Medicine, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Cornelius (Bershire Hathaway Group) Credit Suisse AG
Elster Solutions Epic Systems Corporation General Motors Research & Development
GE Global Research Center Goldman Sachs (3) Great Lakes Technologies
HighRadius Corp. (2) IBM Infosys Public Services
ISO New England Kettering University Korea National Defense University
Lenze Americas MIT Lincoln Laboratory Molex Inc.
Molex LLC National University of Singapore Nazarbayev University
Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc. Sandia National Laboratories SanDisk Corporation
Singapore University of Technology and Design South Korean Military Teklink International
The State University of New York at Buffalo United States Military Academy-West Point (2) University of Illinois (2)
University of Missouri-St. Louis University of Montreal Walmart Labs

ISE Graduate Contacts

Lauren Redman
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies
Telephone: (217) 333-2252

Ramavarapu Sreenivas
Professor, Associate Head for Graduate Studies
Telephone: (217) 333-7735

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