IE 533 BG

IE 533 BG - Big Graphs and Social Networks

Fall 2018

Big Graphs and Social NetworksIE533BG70204LCD41300 - 1420 M W  101 Transportation Building Rakesh Nagi

Official Description

This course will cover the fundamentals of graph theory and network optimization. It will focus on algorithmic challenges associated with big graphs and intertwine the Hadoop Framework for solving example problems like shortest paths, link analysis, graph association and inexact graph matching. Applications in social network analysis will include study of network types, random graph models, exact and approximate computation of centrality measure, finding high value individuals, community detection, diffusion processes and cascading models, and influence maximization. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. Prerequisite: MATH 213, IE 300, IE 411. ISE graduate students and students enrolled in the Master of Science in Advanced Analytics (MCAA) are eligible to take the course.