SE 320 - Control Systems

Semesters Offered

Control SystemsSE320AB168168LAB01000 - 1150 T  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AB268169LAB01500 - 1650 T  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AB368170LAB01800 - 1950 T  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AB468171LAB01800 - 1950 W  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AB568172LAB01000 - 1150 R  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AB668173LAB01500 - 1650 R  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AB768174LAB01800 - 1950 R  3075 ECE Building 
Control SystemsSE320AE168167LCD41230 - 1350 T R  106B1 Engineering Hall S. Rasoul Etesami

Official Description

Fundamental control systems and control systems technology. Sensors, actuators, modeling of physical systems, design and implementation of feedback controllers; operational techniques used in describing, analyzing and designing linear continuous systems; Laplace transforms; response via transfer functions; stability; performance specifications; controller design via transfer functions; frequency response; simple nonlinearities. Course Information: Credit is not given for both SE 320 and either AE 353 or ME 340. Prerequisite: CS 101, MATH 285, and TAM 212; credit or concurrent registration in ECE 211. Class Schedule Information: Students must register for one lab and one lecture section.


Credit in CS 101
Credit in MATH 285
Credit in TAM 212
Credit or concurrent registration in ECE 211