IE 397 - Independent Study

Semesters Offered

Independent StudyIE397062672IND -    
Independent StudyIE397AC72793IND -    Alexandra Chronopoulou
Independent StudyIE397AW72824IND -     Abigail Wooldridge
Independent StudyIE397CV75626IND -    Chrysafis Vogiatzis
Independent StudyIE397HK62554IND -    Harrison Hyung Min Kim
Independent StudyIE397JA52021IND -    James Allison
Independent StudyIE397LM67613IND -    Lavanya Marla
Independent StudyIE397RS66041IND -    Richard B Sowers
Independent StudyIE397SO71126IND -    Sewoong Oh

Official Description

Individual investigations or studies of any phase of Industrial Engineering. Course Information: May be repeated in separate terms. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

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