Alumni News

Stephanie Richartz BSIE 2015, winner of Dike Eddleman Award for Illinois' top female athlete of 2015.

Theses are the stories of three couples who met at ISE and fell in love. 

Mun Choi, BSGE 1987, President of the University of Missouri System. Joseph Hartman, BSGE 1992, Dean of Francis College of Engineering. Jeffrey Linderoth, BSGE 1992, Professor and Department Chair, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A lifetime of systems engineering: throughout his industry-spanning career, Martin Brzeczek was never bored.

Inspiring innovation: Brad Mottier believes his general engineering degree played a significant role in preparing him for his career that has been marked by innovation. 

A 1952 Illinois General Engineering graduate, Wendell “Gabe” Hildensten was a particpant in two of the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb tests. 

Mandy Briggs has years of flying experience and is now a flight instructor at the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College.

A recent ISE graduate research project could potentially change the way cell phones are refurbished.

DePriest worked his way up from field engineer to supervising major construction sites. Their team called themselves “Geeks in Hard Hats.”

Last year, Illinois baseball athlete and industrial engineering student Jason Goldstein was finishing up his junior year when he got an opportunity he’d always dreamed of — a major league offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers. But Goldstein decided to stay and finish his degree, a decision that he said may be the best decision of his life.

During his time at ISE, PhD student James Schreiner studied an under-researched problem involving the health care industry and emerging proprietary risk technologies.

"I’ve gotten a problem-solving degree here, and there’s nothing that I can’t do with that.”

The veteran GM executive on conquering calculus, gaining credibility with plant workers and golf.

Dr. Winter's career has led him all over the world, to provide humanitarian care in countries such as Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Iraq, and to New York City on 9/11

I am a 1959 General Engineering graduate of the University of Illinois. While there I was President of the Society of General Engineers and also a Knight of St Patrick?s.

Over the span of his career, Chuck held 122 patents for products varying from automobile wipers to composites structures and processes.

Spoor?s career at Boeing is a testament to the different fields that a degree in GE can lead to. announced that Cynthia Hiskes has been named vice president of human resources and will begin her role effective immediately.
On graduation weekend, Richartz capped her athletic and academic career with a new Big Ten Outdoor meet record and broke her own school record.

Andrew Kerr has a bright future ahead of him, but it’s the experiences and people at ISE that he doesn’t want to leave behind.

Since earning her Ph.D. in in August 2013, Sara Behdad has not only earned a professorship but has also become the director of a research laboratory.