Pranav Bhandari

Pranav Bhandari
Pranav Bhandari
Graduate Student

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Graduate Advisor

  • Richard B. Sowers (MS)


  • MS Industrial Engineering(Advanced Analytics Concentration), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(UIUC)(2021-May2023(Expected))
  • BE Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune(2016-2020)

Academic Positions

  • Teaching Assistant(Aug 2021-Present) Course - BADM 211
  • Graduate Researcher(Aug 2021-Present) Faculty - Prof Unnati Narang(Gies School of Business)


Other Professional Employment

  • Research Intern, Force Motors, Pune(India), (Dec 2018-Jan 2019)
  • Data Science Intern, Verzeo, (Dec 2019-Jan 2020)
  • Data Science Intern, Shotup, (Apr 2020-Jun 2020)
  • Founder, ReadingPoint, Pune(India), (May 2020-Apr 2021)
  • Data Engineer, Association for Socially Applicable Research(ASAR), Pune(India), (Sept 2020-Aug 2021)

Research Interests

  • ML & AI
  • Data Science

Research Areas

  • Data Analytics

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