Graduate award for 2015

The Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering at Illinois—a premier university campus, ranked sixth in the nation, attracting the best scholars from around the world—offers students a tranformational fusion of intellectual challenge, excitement, and energy.

This is a place where you can learn from a world-renowned faculty, study in the most technologically advanced engineering library in the nation, work with researchers on groundbreaking projects in a variety of laboratories, and contribute to engineering discoveries that have real impact.

Our newly expanded department is a powerhouse in industrial, systems, entrepreneurial, and financial engineering.

The Department offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

Masters Degrees

Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE degree)
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE degree)
Master of Science in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering (MSSEE degree)
Joint Master of Science and Master of Business Administration (MSIE/MBA or MSSEE/MBA degree)-The Joint MBA degree can be combined with any MS degree.

Ph.D. Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering

The Graduate College requires candidates for the MS degree to complete all requirements for the degree within five calendar years after first registration in the Graduate College. However, the Department expects candidates for the MS degree typically to complete all the requirements within two academic years. A doctoral candidate normally must complete all requirements within seven years of first registering in the Graduate College, unless the student is enrolled in a department for which the Graduate College has approved a different time limit for earning a doctoral degree.

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Graduates of the Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering are leaders in large scale systems design, logistics, and decision making. A sampling of possible research topics include:

  • Control and performance evaluation of systems
  • Data-mining and system identification
  • Financial engineering
  • Environmentally sustainable design
  • Game theory and equilibrium programming
  • Large scale optimization methods and applications
  • Optimal product design and development
  • supply chain and revenue management
  • Decision analysis
  • Stochastic algorithms
  • Non-destructive systems evaluation
  • Organization behavior