Number Title Sample Syllabus Timetable
GE 101 Engineering Graphics & Design
GE 261 Business Side of Engineering
GE 297 Independent Study
GE 298 Manufacturing Automation
GE 311 Engineering Design Analysis
GE 312 Instrumentation and Test Lab
GE 390 General Engineering Seminar
GE 397 Independent Study
GE 400 Engineering Law
GE 411 Reliability Engineering
GE 413 Eng Design Optimization
GE 422 Robot Dynamics and Control
GE 423 Introduction to Mechatronics
GE 423 AL1 Mechatronics
GE 424 State Space Desgn Meth in Cntl
GE 424 R State Space Design for Control
GE 494 Project Design I
GE 495 Project Design, II
GE 497 Independent Study
GE 520 Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
GE 590 Seminar
GE 594 Project Design
GE 597 Independent Study
GE 598 Financial Stmt Analysis
GE 599 Thesis Research
IE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
IE 300 Analysis of Data
IE 310 Operations Research
IE 311 Operations Research Lab
IE 330 Industrial Quality Control
IE 340 Human Factors
IE 361 Production Planning & Control
IE 397 Independent Study
IE 398 Stochastic Process and Applic
IE 413 Simulation
IE 420 Financial Engineering
IE 431 Design for Six Sigma
IE 497 Independent Study
IE 498 Cmptng for ISE
IE 511 Integer Programming
IE 521 Convex Optimization
IE 525 Numerical Methods in Finance
IE 526 Stochastic Calculus in Finance
IE 527 MSFE Professional Development
IE 531 Algorithms for Data Analytics
IE 590 Industrial Engr. Grad Seminar
IE 597 Independent Study
IE 598 Adv Tpcs in Continuous Opt
IE 598 AS Queuing Systems
IE 598 CO Adv Tpcs in Continuous Opt
IE 598 DL Electronic Trading
IE 598 LM Optimiz Mthds Lrg Scale Ntwk
IE 598 XC Pricing and Revenue Management
IE 599 Thesis Research