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ISE @ Illinois offers undergraduate degrees in Industrial Engineering (IE) and Systems Engineering and Design (SE).

Industrial Engineers design, develop, improve, and manage efficient systems. Industrial Engineering at Illinois encompasses the analysis, development, improvement, and implementation of all integrated processes and their components, including materials, equipment, information, energy, people, money, and time. Industrial Engineers figure out how to do things better. Industrial Engineering fuses engineering, business, and communications, drawing upon computer science, math, production management, process control, and psychology. Industrial engineers have the technical training and understanding of people to make improvements in efficiency and quality in any setting. Our graduates are prepared to work in a limitless variety of industries, including technology, health care, communications, manufacturing, and academia.

Systems Engineering and Design (formerly General Engineering) at Illinois is a uniquely interdisciplinary program, with broad flexibility and student-guided engineering and business situations. Systems Engineering and Design combines engineering design, sciences, business, and communication. We train students in all aspects of systems design, project management, working in multiple disciples, and getting results in a real-world, team environment. Research problems in faculty laboratories, summer internships, and the Senior Engineering Projects complement the classroom curriculum with hands-on experience working for industry. Our graduates are prepared to do well in graduate school or all aspects of industry, including product design, health care, consulting, environmental stewardship, government, and business.

Please check the ISE Undergraduate Courses & Curriculum page for more information about both of our majors, including curriculum maps, elective options, and the Secondary Field Option or Track Option choices.

Your Future

MSN Money reports that the 20 best entry-level jobs in 2016 include Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Industrial Engineer.

ISE graduates have consistently had one of the highest placement ratings amongst their peers with opportunities to obtain jobs within engineering or business industries along with other opportunities. In the 2014-2015 Engineering Career Service report, 81% of General Engineering students reported securing employment.

Typical Jobs:
Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte
Consultant, Bain & Company
Design & Development
Group Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Lead Engineer, John Deere
Manufacturing and Engineering Associate, General Mills
Operations Analyst, Capital One
Product Supply Engineer, Procter & Gamble
Project Engineering Intern, Walt Disney World
Quality Engineer, Caterpillar
Risk Control Consultant, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Software Engineering Analyst, Accenture
Solutions Engineer, Uptake
Supply Chain Analyst, Grainger
Technology Consultant, PwC

Companies that have hired ISE Undergraduates

Companies that have hired ISE Undergraduates


Megan M., BSGE 2008, PhDIE 2016
"I whole-heartedly believe that my ISE undergraduate education was the foundation of my success in graduate school. My undergraduate ISE education gave me a wide breadth in important engineering fundamentals (like computer science, electrical engineering, controls, materials, etc.), while still allowing me to focus in on my particular interests via the secondary field option. This was essential to graduate school. Having a concrete understanding of fundamental engineering concepts allows you to solve research problems, which are inherently diverse and often times must be approached from multiple angles."

Stephanie R., BSIE 2015
"Industrial Engineering or Systems Engineering and Design is the perfect combination of engineering and business but includes the autonomy to make your degree unique and align with your passions. The opportunities this degree will provide for your future are endless. I have experience in facility engineering with John Deere, manufacturing and project management with Kraft Foods, and will be starting a career in technology consulting with Accenture. Aside from how prepared my degree has made me to enter the workforce, the community created by the department is unlike any other. As a relatively small department, personal connections are made, academic & professional support is easy to find, fun is prevalent, and you are embraced as part of the ISE family. Being a student athlete at the University has made my college career quite hectic, but the ISE Department and all the wonderful people in it have provided me with all the support I needed to be successful. I’m proud to wear orange and blue every time I step on the track. I can never thank ISE enough for supporting me in all of my endeavors personally, professionally, and academically."

Mark L., BSIE 2015
"Industrial Engineering — I chose it because I like looking for better ways to do things, and IE is all about creating better systems and processes. I love the understanding we gain of business, and how many different paths IE opens up for you. There are really no limits to what you can do with an IE degree. This summer I am doing Whirlpool's Manufacturing Leadership Development Program. I am at their plant in Cleveland, TN which produces most of the ovens they sell. My role is to help create processes that are more lean, mainly by reducing scrap to help the plant reach their scrap targets, which they are currently missing. This job seemed to fit in well with what I have been learning. I have not had any manufacturing experience, so I expected Whirlpool's program to provide a lot of good experience with manufacturing, which it has so far. Whirlpool also offered a generous compensation package, and had a lot of resources in the form of employees currently in the full-time MLDP program, or recently finished graduates of the program.... The most exciting part about being a student at Illinois is the limitless chances you get to do whatever you want to do. There are so many things I have gained from Illinois — the job offerings available to apply for, the engineering resources available, the clubs you can join, the school's athletic teams, and the friends you will make — all are exceptional and come together to make the complete college experience."

Brittany Foster, BSIE 2016

Evan R., BSGE 2014
"I love... Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering because it forces students to look at the discipline of engineering first before applying it to a subject matter. It almost gives you an inner peace when you see the similarities between mechanical, electrical, civil, and industrial engineering and be able to apply it to new problems."

For more information about Undergraduate Education in the College of Engineering, please visit the Undergraduate Academics webpage.

How to Apply

Prospective student apply through the University’s Office of Admissions. The Office of Admissions can guide you through the application process and provide information on dates, deadlines, requirements, and processes.

Visit the Campus

The University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers daily programs consisting of an overview of the admissions information, financial aid, housing and a student panel.

We would also encourage you to join the College of Engineering for an Engineering campus tour and information session, beginning at 2:00 p.m. During this session you will be able to ask engineering specific questions to deans and academic advisors. The tour and Q & A will take approximately 2 hours.



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