Industrial Engineering Curriculum Map (Prior to Fall 2018)

  • Course prerequisite chain
  • Immediate prerequisite(s) (or concurrent registration allowed if listed in the same semester)
  • Concurrent registration required
  • Postrequisite course sequence


  • IE 410 must be taken for 3 hours
  • IE 413 must be taken for 3 hours
  • SE 494 requires completion of at least one Technical Elective; credit or concurrent enrollment in the Engineering Science Elective is also required.
  • ECON 102 or 103 must be taken as one of the LEE selections.
  • ECE 110 must be taken for 3 hours

This is only a guide; consult with your advisor.

The code used to present this flowsheet is based on original work shared by the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.