ISE Electives

Courses taken beginning Fall 2018


SED Design Electives

Course Number


SE 410

Component Design

SE 420*

Digital Control Systems

SE 423


SE 413

Engrg Design Optimization

*Three hours of this course satisfy the Design Elective requirement. The additional hour may be applied by petition to appropriate SE Secondary Field Option or used as Free Elective.


SE Engineering Science Electives

Course Number


MSE 280

Engineering Materials

ME 200



IE Technical Electives

Course Number


SE 310

General Engineering Design

SE 320

Control Systems

SE 424

State Space Design for Control

IE 330

Industrial Quality Control

IE 340

Human Factors

IE 411

Optimization of Large Systems

IE 412

OR Models for Mfg Systems

IE 420

Financial Engineering

IE 431

Quality Engineering

IE 445

Human Perform & Engrg Psych


IE Engineering Computer Science Electives

Course Number


CS 225

Data Structures

CS 357/
MATH 357

Numerical Methods I

CS 411

Database Systems

CS 450/ CS 401/
ECE 491/ MATH 450
Numerical Analysis

IE 405 (formerly IE 498 CI)

Computing for ISE