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UI Integrate Self-Service Tips

Registration Realities

"Pend" Status: If PEND appears in the call-number position for a course section, it means the section offering is pending - set aside for possible use at a later date if enrollment demand warrants it. To find out if a PEND section has been opened, try the following:

  • Check the class schedule to see if any status change has occurred. If a call number appears instead of PEND, the section is now open; if the section does not appear, it has been dropped.

"Section Closed" Realities:

Sections that show as "closed" under the Early Registration phase of UI Integrate Self-Service may have openings later. The reasons for this situation are (but may not apply in all cases):

  • First priority being given to certain groups, such as majors or classes (e.g., seniors) - for a certain period of time; after that time has expired, other groups and classes may be allowed to take any remaining seats.
  • Seats being reserved for students who will register during the summer under freshman and transfer-student programs; at the end of those periods, any remaining reserved seats may be released.
  • Section limits may be held low initially to promote the even balancing of available sections; as time passes and the sections near the limits, the limits may be raised to new levels (but not exceeding the true capacity).

So if you find a section closed, try later, but do not bank on it "opening up."

Undergraduate Contact Information

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Professor Carolyn Beck
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Heidi Craddock
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs


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