The Kenneth W. Hamming Scholarship

The Kenneth W. Hamming Scholarship was presented for the first time at the Spring 2000 Awards Banquet. This scholarship is awarded based upon academic merit.

Kenneth W. Hamming graduated from the University of Illinois in 1940 with a BS in General Engineering. He was the first recipient of the Gamma Epsilon Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1974 which recognized his contribution to the development of electric power generating facilities while advancing to senior partner of Sargent & Lundy, a major consulting engineering firm. He was also named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Honorary Member of the Western Society of Engineers, and was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineers.

Past Recipients of the Award:


Shaun Hurdelbrink

Sara Baase

2016 Shaun Hurdelbrink
2015 Christopher Jackson
Peter Maneykowski
2014 Christopher Jackson
Peter Maneykowski
2013 Cesar Flores
Hansaem Kim
2012 Rohika T. Wagner
2011 Adam Cornell
John R. Jacobs
2010 Rodney Simpson
Jacob Arnold
2009 Ann Pan
Ammar Husain
2008 Noah Cohen
Bryant L. Williams
2007 Christopher Knowlton
Leo Rotstein
2006 Brad Borland
David Yadron
2005 Eric Wilson
Jennifer Wicks
2004 Eric Wilson
Jennifer Wicks
2003 William M. Bowen
Prem B. Patel
Ly T. Vu
2002 Yeon Hong James Lee
Janice Denise Burns
Chun Kit Kan
2001 Joseph A. Nowak
Anthony M. Rotello
Jeremy R. Shive
2000 Jonathan Dame
Tim Ennesser
Man Sze Wong
Jason Easton
Benjamin Ervin