ISE Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is designed to recognize seniors, alumni, and faculty who have contributed extraordinary efforts specifically within the department - positively affecting the undergraduate experience throughout their tenure, and making a significant impact on the future generations of ISE students. It recognizes their exceptional dedication, commitment, and personal contributions.

Past Recipients of the Award:


Mitchell Babendir

Lynsey Howse

Lara Flasch

Annie Goetz

2016 Nick Binkus (GE)
Malay Sapra (IE)
2015 Elizabeth Gauen (GE)
Andrew Kerr (IE)
2014 Lauren Thanasouras (GE)
Jeremy Ward (IE)
2013 Michelle L. Arentsen (GE)
Titas Maciulis (IE
2012 Katherine Koritz (GE)
Joshua Rafinski (IE)
2011 Joseph Gardner (GE)
Travis Wilson (IE)
2010 Kevin Sanchez (GE)
Katherine T. Barr (IE)
2009 Chelsey Walker (GE)
Jessica Wood (IE)
2008 Alysia R. Belobraydich (GE)
Aakrit A. Vaish (IE)
2007 Ben Edmiston (GE)
Lindsay Kotterman (IE)
2006 Danielle Lasater
Reva Kamhi
2005 William T. MacFAdden
Andrew M. Peterson
Grace Yaguchi
2004 Andrew R. Mondi
2003 Students:


Bradley J. Gillette
Justin M. Dobsch
Thomas A. Prickett
2002 Student:
Rene Passaglia, Ricky Mat
Professor Michael H. Pleck
Jeffrey Morris
2001 Student:
Jonathan R. Dolle
Professor James V. Carnahan
Michael Brunetto
2000 Students: Lou Inendino
Karen Shea