Alpha Pi Mu & Gamma Epsilon Teaching Assistant Award

The Alpha Pi Mu & Gamma Epsilon Teaching Assistant award is chosen by polling the seniors in General Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Students are asked to make their decision based upon factors such as:

  • organization
  • if the instructor gives an overall concept of the course
  • fairness and consistency in grading
  • whether innovative teaching methods are used
  • effective response to questions in class
  • detects and responds to students’ confusion
  • stimulates learning
  • availability
  • strong role model
  • compassion for learning

Past Recipients of the Award:

2013 Megan E. McGovern
2012 Andrea Hupman
2011 Jayash Koshal
2010 Kevin Waicekauskas
2009 Adam Senalik
2008 Di Zhang
2007 Benjamin L. Ervin