Alpha Pi Mu & Gamma Epsilon Excellence in Teaching Award

The Alpha Pi Mu & Gamma Epsilon Excellence in Teaching award is chosen by polling the seniors in General Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Students are asked to make their decision based upon factors such as:

  • organization
  • if the instructor gives an overall concept of the course
  • fairness and consistency in grading
  • whether innovative teaching methods are used
  • effective response to questions in class
  • detects and responds to students’ confusion
  • stimulates learning
  • availability
  • strong role model
  • compassion for learning

Past Recipients of the Award:

2013 Harry S. Wildblood
2012 Joseph Barich
2011 Professor Uday Shanbhag
2010 Professor Ramavarapu Sreenivas
2009 Professor Ali Abbas
2008 Professor Uday Shanbhag
2007 Professor Louis Wozniak
2006 Professor Dusan Stipanovic
2005 Laura L. Hollis
2004 Professor Louis Wozniak
2003 Professor James V. Carnahan
2002 Professor Edward Kuznetsov
2001 Professor Francesco Bullo
2000 Professor Wayne J. Davis
1999 Professor Emeritus L. Daniel Metz
1998 Professor Scott Burns
1997 Professor W. Brent Hall
1996 Mr. Bill Woodard
1995 Professor W. Brent Hall
1994 Professor Edward Kuznetsov
1993 Professor Thomas Woodley
1992 Professor Scott Burns
1991 Professor James Carnahan
1990 Professor Scott Burns 
1989 Professor Scott Burns