Mottier Winners 2018


We are proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Mottier Innovation Challenge. The Challenge was established by Bradley Mottier, (BS, General Engineering, 1978 and MS, General Engineering, 1979) to stimulate innovation among ISE students and the College of Engineering.

1st Place - Ascent Integrated Tech - Paul Couston, Rishi Choudhary, Alex Gorsuch & Harlee Sorkin

2nd Place - IslandLink - Hyeong Chan Cho & Wenyuan (Olivia) Zhang

3rd Place - Illini Box - Justin Holding & Shaan Ahuja

3rd Place - Farm4You - Michael Elzanati, Grayson Will, Sameep Vakharia & Rohan Kamatar

Honorable Mention - LeftSaver - Aman Shah, Rohit Menezes, Shivam Dayama & Pranav Kashyap


All of the teams that participated in this year’s competition were exceptional. On behalf of the ISE Department we extend a very proud congratulations to each of you.


Team Plutus - Luc Dowell & Satvika Veeravalli

Team ThinkBot - Siwen Wang & Lucas Buccafusca

Team Pocono Partners - Connor Tenny, Kyle Morimoto & Gautam Kalluri


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