Mottier Winners 2018


We are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Mottier Innovation Challenge. The Challenge was established by Bradley Mottier, (BS, General Engineering, 1978 and MS, General Engineering, 1979) to stimulate innovation among ISE students and the College of Engineering. This is the second annual competition, and a total of ten teams signed up to participate.


Shaan Bhakta and Fiona Kalensky of Therapalz, Mottier Challenge First Place Winners, 2018
Shaan Bhakta and Fiona Kalensky of Therapalz, Mottier Challenge First Place Winners, 2018



Showcase Presenters

Showcase Title


First place

Fiona Eileen Kalensky, SED

Shaan Bhakta, SED


Therapalz delivers the benefits of animal-assisted therapy through smart, predictive, nonpharmaceutical pet-therapy robotics that engage Alzheimer's and dementia patients while alleviating the stress and costs associated with caregiving.

Second place

Ethan Hoggard, SED

Jason Chang, SED

Hanna Chen, SED

Click Heels

Our team's objective is to design a woman's shoe with retractable heels, so the user might switch from heels to flats without needing two shoes.

Third place

Chaitanya Maroju. IE

Siwen Wang, SED


Our goal is to create an umbrella lending service located on college campuses in America. The unmanned umbrella-lending stations will be located by the entrances of dorms, the entrances of university buildings, and bus stops. This service will allow a student to pick up an umbrella as soon as he leaves his dorm (or apartment), drop it off by a bus stop before he takes a bus, pick up another umbrella, and drop it off in front of the building his class is in.

Honorable Mentiuon

Chaitanya Gulati, SED


Our goal is to build a machine which is a practical application of electrolysis and can be used for underwater breathing.

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