Mottier Winners 2017





Showcase Presenters

Showcase Title


First place

Kathleen Hu, Shutian Xu, Sohinee Oswal, and Devaki Belwalkar

DIBBS: Save Food, Do Good

Reduce food waste and provide more nutritious food to those facing food insecurity.

Second place

Rachneet Kaur, Clara Schaye, and Daniel Yee

IOT Dishwasher

Our team's objective is to design a dishwasher that can be activated via voice command through the use of an app, wireless speaker (Amazon Echo Dot), and an AI voice assistant (Amazon Alexa). This intuitive, hands off approach will allow consumers to seamlessly move to their next task. More importantly, we want to take advantage of the fact that the price of power fluctuates throughout the day. Therefore, we want to predict the future price of power in order to activate the dishwasher at an optimal time to save the consumer on the operation cost of the dishwasher.

Third place (tie)

Gaurav Singh, SreeKalyan Patiballa, and Xiaotian Zhang

Soft pneumatic climbing/crawling robot

We are trying to design and fabricate a robot that is soft, flexible, and compliant and uses these features to climb trees, pipes, and any cylindrical object. The robot can be used for a variety of applications including pipe inspection, fruit picking, etc. The soft nature and pneumatic actuation allows the robot to be lightweight and safe for human-robot interaction.

Third place (tie)

Rorey Seligmann, Max Kim, Russell Seligmann, and Brian Roper


We want to develop an intuitive mobile application that creates a peer to peer exchange between college students. People with tasks that need to be completed will post the job to the app with an attached monetary compensation. Talented individuals can then browse and accept various tasks posted in order to make money. Starting out, we want to focus specifically on fitness, academics, and physical labor related tasks.

Honorable mention

Chris Heejun Park and Shilin (Summer) Xia

Light Fashion

The dramatic shift in clothing consumption over the years driven by large corporations and the trend of fast fashion has cost the environment and millions of workers’ health. Consequently, fashion has become one of the largest polluter in the world. By creating an app (currently called “Light Fashion”) that will help reduce users’ consumption of clothing and laundries, we can lessen the enormous carbon footprint. Light Fashion can save the environment, rejuvenate cotton farmers’ health, eradicate most of questionable human labor practices, and reduce the use of carcinogenic pollutants by diminishing the public’s willingness to buy garments.

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