Recent Ph.D. Dissertations



Hu, Runqi. 5/11/19. Feng, Liming. Analytic Characteristic Functions Inversion and Its Applications in Option Pricing and Risk Management.


Bhatti, Shahzad Fazal. 8/6/18. Beck, Carolyn. Scalable centralized and distributed spectral clustering.

Guo, Tinghao. 8/6/18. Allison, James. On the use of Machine learning with Design Optimization Data for System Topology Design.

Quan, Ning. 8/6/18. Kim, Harrison. Formulations and Methods for Wind Farm Layout Optimization.

Khetan, Ashish Kumar. 5/12/18. Oh, Sewoong. Social computation: fundamental limits and efficient algorithms.

Kwon, Hee Youn. 5/12/18. Jacobson, Sheldon. New developments in causal inference using balance optimization subset selection.

Truong, Anh. 5/12/18. Kiyavash, Negar. Learning from Expert Advice Framework: Algorithms and Applications .


Herber, Daniel Ronald. 12/26/17. Allison, James. Advances in Combined Architecture, Plant, and Control Design.

Etesami, Seyedjalal. 8/7/17. Kiyavash, Negar Causal Structure of Networks of Stochastic Processes.

Gao, Xiangyu. 8/7/17. Chen, Xin. Stochastic optimization with decisions truncated by random variables and its applications in operations.

Deshmukh, Anand Pramod. 5/13/17. Allison, James. Optimization and control of wind energy systems for grid integration.

Khatibi, Arash. 5/13/17. Jacobson, Sheldon. Generalized Sequential Assignment Problem.


Rosaline Kone. Richard Sowers. 2014-05. Monitoring unknown source IP addresses and packet sizes to detect DDoS attacks.