SE 599 - Thesis Research

Semesters Offered

Thesis ResearchSE599069826IND -    Pingfeng Wang

Thesis ResearchSE599AC66898IND -    Alexandra Chronopoulou
Thesis ResearchSE599AS66922IND -    Alexander Stolyar
Thesis ResearchSE599BN69803IND -     Bob Norris
Thesis ResearchSE599CB66894IND -    Carolyn L Beck
Thesis ResearchSE599DLT66924IND -    Deborah L Thurston
Thesis ResearchSE599DS66920IND -    Dusan M Stipanovic
Thesis ResearchSE599GK66907IND -    Girish Krishnan
Thesis ResearchSE599HK66905IND -    Harrison Hyung Min Kim
Thesis ResearchSE599HRM66916IND -    Henrique M Reis
Thesis ResearchSE599JG66901IND -    Jugal Garg
Thesis ResearchSE599JML66908IND -    James Michael Leake
Thesis ResearchSE599JS66917IND -    Justin A Sirignano
Thesis ResearchSE599JTA66893IND -    James Allison
Thesis ResearchSE599KC66895IND -    Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran
Thesis ResearchSE599LF66899IND -    Liming Feng
Thesis ResearchSE599LM66909IND -    Lavanya Marla
Thesis ResearchSE599MG71166IND -    Molly Hathaway Goldstein
Thesis ResearchSE599NH66902IND -    Niao He
Thesis ResearchSE599NK66906IND -    Negar Kiyavash
Thesis ResearchSE599QW66925IND -    Qiong Wang
Thesis ResearchSE599RBS66918IND -    Richard B Sowers
Thesis ResearchSE599RN66914IND -    Rakesh Nagi
Thesis ResearchSE599RS66923IND -    Ruoyu Sun
Thesis ResearchSE599RSS66919IND -    "RS" Sreenivas
Thesis ResearchSE599SJ66903IND -    Sheldon Howard Jacobson
Thesis ResearchSE599SO66915IND -    Sewoong Oh
Thesis ResearchSE599TK66904IND -    T Kesavadas
Thesis ResearchSE599XC66896IND -    Xin Chen

Official Description

Thesis Research. Course Information: 0 to 16 graduate hours. No professional credit. Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated to a maximum of 16 hours for credit toward the Master's or PhD degree.