IE 497 - Independent Study

Semesters Offered

Independent StudyIE497AAP20036IND -    Andreas A Polycarpou
Independent StudyIE497AC20241IND -    Alexandra Chronopoulou
Independent StudyIE497AK20296IND -    Alex Kirlik
Independent StudyIE497AN20134IND -    Angelia Nedich
Independent StudyIE497AVO20161IND -    Alexander Olshevsky
Independent StudyIE497AW20114IND -     Abigail Wooldridge
Independent StudyIE497AWJ20175IND -    Amy Jaye Wagoner Johnson
Independent StudyIE497CLT20164IND -    Charles L Tucker, III
Independent StudyIE497DAT20246IND -    Daniel A Tortorelli
Independent StudyIE497DCK20138IND -    Dimitrios C Kyritsis
Independent StudyIE497DGM20123IND -    Daniel G Morrow
Independent StudyIE497DL48409IND4 -    David Lariviere
Independent StudyIE497EHW20116IND -    Elizabeth T Hsiao-Wecksler
Independent StudyIE497EZ20120IND -    Enlu Zhou
Independent StudyIE497GK20187IND -    Girish Krishnan
Independent StudyIE497HMK20131IND -    Harrison Hyung Min Kim
Independent StudyIE497JG20313IND -    Jugal Garg
Independent StudyIE497JS20219IND -    Jackie Shen
Independent StudyIE497JSP20118IND -    Jong-Shi Pang
Independent StudyIE497JTA20151IND -    James Allison
Independent StudyIE497LF20182IND -    Liming Feng
Independent StudyIE497LM20202IND -    Lavanya Marla
Independent StudyIE497MFY20288IND -    Min-Feng Yu
Independent StudyIE497MLP20277IND -    Michael L Philpott
Independent StudyIE497NH69929IND -    Niao He
Independent StudyIE497NK20214IND -    Negar Kiyavash
Independent StudyIE497NS20147IND -    Nikolaos V Sahinidis
Independent StudyIE497PMF20205IND -     Placid Ferreira
Independent StudyIE497QW20268IND -    Qiong Wang
Independent StudyIE497RBS20178IND -    Richard B Sowers
Independent StudyIE497RN20158IND -    Rakesh Nagi
Independent StudyIE497SGK20263IND -    Shiv Gopal Kapoor
Independent StudyIE497SHJ20127IND -    Sheldon Howard Jacobson
Independent StudyIE497SO20228IND -    Sewoong Oh
Independent StudyIE497SPV20292IND -    Surya Pratap Vanka
Independent StudyIE497SUN20259IND -    Ruoyu Sun
Independent StudyIE497US20284IND -    Vinayak V Shanbhag
Independent StudyIE497USP20037IND -    Udatta S Palekar
Independent StudyIE497XC20207IND -    Xin Chen

Official Description

Independent study of advanced problems related to industrial engineering. Course Information: 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. 1 to 4 graduate hours. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Course Description

Students must arrange course content with the instructor. Permission is required by the instructor, advisor, and Graduate Programs via submission of an Independent Study request form, available at The student will be given the CRN for their instructor’s section upon approval. May be repeated.

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