IE 300 - Analysis of Data

Semesters Offered

Analysis of DataIE300AD150981DIS01700 - 1750 M  406B1 Engineering Hall 
Analysis of DataIE300AD250983DIS01700 - 1750 T  406B1 Engineering Hall 
Analysis of DataIE300AD350985DIS01700 - 1750 W  406B1 Engineering Hall 
Analysis of DataIE300AD450987DIS01700 - 1750 R  406B1 Engineering Hall 
Analysis of DataIE300AL134259LEC30800 - 0920 T R  112 Transportation Building Niao He
Analysis of DataIE300BD162804DIS01100 - 1150 M  L440 Digital Computer Lab Douglas M King
Analysis of DataIE300BD262805DIS01500 - 1550 T  406B8 Engineering Hall Douglas M King
Analysis of DataIE300BD362806DIS00900 - 0950 W  L440 Digital Computer Lab Douglas M King
Analysis of DataIE300BD462807DIS01000 - 1050 R  L440 Digital Computer Lab Douglas M King
Analysis of DataIE300BL162803LEC31000 - 1050 M W F  114 Transportation Building Douglas M King

Official Description

Nature of probabilistic models for observed data; discrete and continuous distribution function models; inferences on universe parameters based on sample values; control charts, acceptance sampling, and measurement theory. Course Information: Credit is not given for both IE 300 and CEE 202. Prerequisite: MATH 241.


Credit in MATH 241