William A. Chittenden Award

To an outstanding graduate student in ISE.

William Chittenden received his B.S. degree in General Engineering in 1950 and proudly served in the United States Marines during both World War II and the Korean War. Bill joined Sargent and Lundy in Chicago in 1952, where he moved through the ranks of Project Manager, Project Director, and Manager of the Mechanical Engineering Department. In 1977 he was named Director of Engineering and several years later Director of Services. He currently is a retired Senior Partner (CEO) of the firm.

During his tenure at Sargent and Lundy, Bill pioneered the development of design procedures for nuclear power plants and supervised the design and construction of a number of both fossil-fuel and nuclear power plants. He is the author of more than 41 technical papers and is a registered professional engineer in 21 states. He is a Fellow of both the American Nuclear Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a member of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering.

In 1978, Bill received the Gamma Epsilon Distinguished Alumnus Award. In 1989 he received the University of Illinois, College of Engineering’s Distinguished Alumnus Award. He remained actively involved with Engineering at Illinois through the end of his life, and was a charter member of the Dean’s Board of Visitors.

Past Recipients of the Award

  • 2020
    Menglong Li
    Peter McGlaughlin
  • 2019
    Hossein Nick
    Zinat Matin
  • 2018
    Ashish Khetan
  • 2017
    Megan McGovern
    Ketan Date
  • 2016
    Andrea Cadenbach
    Chandrasekaran Jayaraman
  • 2015
    Zhenyu Hu
  • 2014
    Richard Reskoske
  • 2013
    Aida S. Williams
  • 2012
    Mark D. Michelotti
  • 2011
    Matthew Ralph
    Rui Yang
  • 2010
    Todd Baxter
  • 2009
    Ankur A. Kulkarni
    Christopher G. Valicka
  • 2008
    Conrad S. Tucker
  • 2007
    Juan Mejia
  • 2006
    Andrew P. Williams
  • 2005
    Noureddine Tayebi
  • 2004
    Roberto Andrade
    Nikhil Chopra
  • 2003
    Arash Mahboobin
  • 2002
    Kumara Sastry
  • 2001
    R. Ryan Ohs
  • 2000
    Joel Krauska
  • 1999
    Rex Andrew Wagner
  • 1998
    William R. Norris
  • 1997
    Daniel BlockKaitlin Sherwood
  • 1995
    Edward L. Spellman II
  • 1993
    Julie A. Jewell
  • 1991
    Margaret A. Schneller
  • 1989
    Matthew A. King