Mildred Maddux and Lisle Abbott Rose Scholarship

To two juniors in Systems Engineering and Design recognizing outstanding academic accomplishment, extracurricular activities and cultural breadth.

Lisle Abbott Rose was a Professor of English who joined the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois in 1947, was promoted to full professor the same year, became Director of Engineering Information and Engineering Publications in 1951, and joined the Department of General Engineering in 1954. Jerry Dobrovolny’s History of the Department notes that he was a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and was very active in the American Society for Engineering Education. Midred Maddux Rose met her husband when they were both studying English at the University of Chicago. In 1968 she became Director of Publications and Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Illinois in Chicago. From 1981 to 1983 she was appointed Special Assistant to the Head of the Department of General Engineering, and was Editor of the Alumni Newsletter and other publications of the Department. The Mildred Maddux and Lisle Abbott Rose Scholarship was established in 1995 by Mildred Maddux Rose, with the help of her good friends Bonnie Kelley, Jerry Dobrovolny, and others. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding General Engineering sophomores or juniors, and is based primarily upon scholarship and secondarily on activities and cultural breadth.

Past Recipients of the Award

2020 Justin Lundy
Audry Kukosama
2018 Zack Jin
2017 Madeline Schulze
2016 Zhonghao Liu
2015 Josh Weisberg
Qiasheng Zou
2014 Nicholas Binkus
Xachary McClughen
Ryan Barr
Nicholas Balko
2013 Michael J. Bodtke
Thomas M. Pinsky
2012 Ryan Knighton
Evan Rodrigues
2011 Emily Meyer
Rodney Simpson
2010 Aarti Israni
Theresa Tanbonliong
2009 Nathan James Price
Jill Rollinger
2008 Kevin T. McParlan
Brian T. Matesic
2007 Buddy Erickson
Lauren Haynes
2006 Michael T. Shaw
Robert W. Tetzlaff
2005 Brandon P. Zobrist
David A. Tilford
2004 Megan E. Zachar
Kathleen E. Eaton
2003 Mitchell H. Goldenberg
Matthew R. Frye
2002 Jeffrey M. Leesman
Andrew W. Wagner
2001 Amanda K. Bates
Rene P. Passaglia
2000 Michael Maschek
Sarah Quoss
1999 Karen M. Kowalski
Daniel Z. Feuser
1998 John M. Gutzmer
Scott B. Horenziak
1997 Emily Graves
Chagit Steiner
1996 Amanda M. Veihman
1995 Sarah Beckman