Freshman Award

The Freshman Award acknowledges a freshman that strives to become a future leader through his/her active participation in and contribution to General Engineering events.

Created by J. Benjamin Goodman in the Spring Semester of 2002, The Freshman Award is a unique award that focuses solely on one’s leadership potential. As a student, Ben was extremely active during his freshman year at UIUC. Through his regular participation in ISGE and Department events, Ben was quickly recognized as “The Freshman” by GE upperclassman. The nickname stuck for all four years of college.

The Freshman Award recognizes a freshman that demonstrates the ambition to be a future leader through his/her active participation in and contribution to ISE societies and events. Visionary outlooks toward the future and leadership skills to drive change are key characteristics in the selection criteria. The recipient of The Freshman Award is selected by the Executive Board of ISGE. A cash value accompanies the award and is intended to be used in celebration of the recipient’s accomplishments.

Past Recipients of the Award

2021 Priya Shah
Dhilan Desai
2020 Justin Holding 
2019 Rose Chiodo
2018 Madison Smith
2017 Julia Santos
2016 Shaan Bhakta
2015 Vidas Kulbis
2014 Mitchell Babendir
2013 Bridget M. Rose
2012 Thomas Pinsky
2011 Laurel K. Haynes
2010 Evan P. Rodrigues
2009 Not Awarded
2008 John P. Sarsfield
2007 Kevin Sanchez
2006 Maria Lupo
2005 Richard "Buddy" Erickson
2004 Bethany M. Harre
2003 Danielle Lasater
2002 William Macfadden
Founder J. Benjamin Goodman