Jerry S. Dobrovolny Award for Leadership and Scholarship

To a General Engineering Senior recognizing outstanding leadership qualities and academic scholarship.

The Jerry S. Dobrovolny Award was established in 1988 to recognize a senior with outstanding leadership qualities, based on evidence of academic scholarship and active participation in student professional societies, campus organizations, off campus organizations, and other recognized efforts. Jerry Dobrovolny earned a B.S. in General Engineering in 1943 and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1947, both from the University of Illinois. He did additional graduate study in geology and foundation engineering. He joined the Department of General Engineering in 1945 and was promoted to head in 1959, a position he held until his retirement in 1987. Jerry is the co-author of five textbooks and several workbooks. He was a Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois and served as President of the Champaign County Chapter of ISPE, as State President of ISPE, as a Director of the National Society of Professional Engineers, and as Vice Chairman of the NSPE Central Region of Professional Engineers in Education. He was also a member of ASCE, ASEE, Sigma XI, AAAS, AAPG, ATEA and the Society for the History of Technology. He is also the author of the book A History of the Department of General Engineering, 1868-1995.

Past Recipients of the Award

John Cantieri
2018 Rachel Zilz
2017 Rachel Zilz
2016 Kyle Kovitz
2015 Mitchell Babendir
2014 Zian Cheng
William Monat
2013 Evan P. Rodrigues
2012 Emily Meyer
2011 Marlo Goldstein
2010 Nathan Price
2009 Chelsey Walker
2008 Richard "Buddy" Erickson
2007 Michael T. Shaw
2006 Christian C. Tansey
2005 Samantha M. Rollins
2004 Geoffrey M. Price
2003 J. Benjamin Goodman
2002 Andrew C. Vaughn
2001 Kelly R. Birdwell
2000 Kelly Duddy
1999 Gregory Laudermilch
1998 Chagit Steiner
1997 Aimee Frake
1996 Waymond Eng
1995 Meggan E. Fitzgerald
1994 Bradley J. Whitmore
1993 William F. Grambley
1992 Elizabeth M. Fikes
1991 Kelsey L. Milman
1990 John C. Marchelya
1989 Louis J. Wozniak
1988 Jacquelyn S. Beller