Brian D. Slavenas, IIE Outstanding Member Award

The Brian D. Slavenas IIE Outstanding Member Award recognizes a member of the student chapter of IIE who demonstrates outstanding contributions and commitments.

Brian Slavenas graduated from DeKalb High School in 1991, joined the U.S. Army and became a paratrooper. He followed up on his Army stint by joining the same unit of the Illinois National Guard to which his father had given many years of service. He came to the University of Illinois in 1996 and completed his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in December, 2002.   st Lieutenant Brian Slavenas was interviewing for jobs when he was called up for active duty by F Company, 106 th Aviation Battalion. He was sent to the Middle East in April 2003 and was posted to Iraq in July. Just five months later, he was among 16 soldiers who died when their helicopter was shot down outside of Fallujah. In addition to his father, both of his older brothers had served in the military, one in Grenada and one in the 1991 Gulf War. For Brian, staying home was not an option. As he told his father, “Once you’re in, you can’t cop out.” The Brian D. Slavenas IIE Outstanding Member Award and Scholarship Fund pay tribute to his dedication.

The following donations were made in July 2007 to Brian's fund in memory of his grandmother, Mrs. Halina Jakubenas Dilys. The Department would like to thank the Slavenas family and friends for their continued support, we truly appreciate it.

  • Jurgis and Dalia Anysas
  • Yazeed & Julia Aranki
  • Edmund & Erika Brooks 
  • Ona Budejus
  • Darius and Tina Buntinas
  • Joyce & Ted Cohen
  • Chris Dahmer
  • Luda Finkelstein
  • Doris J. Gould
  • Melitta Gratzer, M.D.
  • Robert A. Kaminskas & Sigute E. Kerelis
  • Diana Konton
  • Mary Krauchunas
  • Marius Kriauciunas
  • Vincent Lukas
  • Natalie Luks
  • Maya Tatiana & Silvana Marzullo
  • Herman and Lilya Mikaitis
  • William and Violetta Mikaitis
  • Jonas & Geraldine Mikelenas
  • Casey and Carlene O'Dell
  • Emilia Palshis
  • Astrida Pauperas
  • Donald M. Petkus (in honor of Haley Petkus)
  • Markus and Susan Pipyne
  • Ray and Leva Pipyne
  • Birute & Klaudijus Pumputis
  • Shannon Rodriguez & Family
  • Virginia, Del & Jenny Searles
  • Evelyna Y. Taggart
  • Laimute Tornau
  • Maria J. Utz

Past Recipients of the Award

2020 Emma Hollinger
2018 Josie Stawinoga
2017 Lara Flasch
2016 Annie Goetz
2015 Andrew Kerr

Michael Vahldick

2013 Caitlin M. Johnson
2012 Louis Kim
2011 Gillian Wyman
2010 Kathryn A. Logan
2009 Elissa Sutanto
2008 Senthil Krishnamurthy
2007 Keith Campbell
2006 Jason Marx
2005 Gilliam Weiss
2004 Robert Leighton
Brian Slavenas (posthumously)