Mottier Innovation Challenge

Do you have a great idea for a business plan you've been looking for a chance to develop? Here's a chance to form a team to build the plan, and win up to $3000 along with credibility to attract resources to make your idea a reality. The Mottier Innovation Challenge is an annual event, housed in the department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (ISE). The challenge runs from September through December. The challenge aims to stimulate innovation, engender team spirit and cooperative problem solving, and develop ideas that are financially and socially sustainable.


Past Recipients of the Award

FALL 2020

1st Place - Ascent Integrated Tech
Paul Couston
Rishi Choudhary
Alex Gorsuch
Harlee Sorkin

2nd Place - IslandLink
Hyeong Chan Cho
Wenyuan (Olivia) Zhang

3rd Place - Illini Box
Justin Holding
Shaan Ahuja

3rd Place - Farm4You
Michael Elzanati
Grayson Will
Sameep Vakharia
Rohan Kamatar

Honorable Mention - LeftSaver
Aman Shah
Rohit Menezes
Shivam Dayama
Pranav Kashyap

FALL 2019

1st Place - Sip Safe
Spencer Binning
Arsanious Boctor
Joseph Conte
Matthew Meyer

2nd Place - NASADYA
Rishi Choudhary
Chaitanya Gulati

3rd Place - Sonic's Speedway
Chaitanya Maroju
Gabriel Delgado
Alex Darragh

Honorable Mention - The 1-Dish-Wash
Alex Koscica
Satori Ishihara

Honorable Mention - Vane
Josh Bussan
Ben Hoyer

FALL 2018

1st Place - Therapalz
Shaan Bhakta
Fiona Kalensky

2nd Place - Click Heels
Jason Chang
Hanna Chen
Ethan Hoggard

3rd Place - Lend-a-Brella
Chaitanya Maroju
Siwen Wang

Honorable Mention - Arctus
Chaitanya Gulati
Alexander Magganas
Allen Ni