Senior Engineering Project Design Studio

Room 307 Transportation Building
Harry S. Wildblood, Coordinator

The Senior Project Design studio is the largest array of integrated labs and facilities in the ISE Department, and is dedicated as a “commons” area to support the Capstone Project activity. The current facilities include a computer lab with software for a variety of computer aided design and analysis packages, many of which are custom specified to meet the analytical needs of individual projects. Two 3-D printers provide rapid prototyping capability for mechanical designs. A large “dirty” lab provides ample space for miscellaneous work, including reverse engineering, disassembly of products and components, performing various experiments, building larger models and prototypes, etc. The studio provides meeting and work areas for collaboration within and between project groups that promote the brainstorming necessary to seed new ideas. The lab facilities also include ample storage capacity, access to reference materials, metrology equipment, etc. The space is designed to be flexible enough for “whatever it takes” to provide the student with the tools, equipment, inspiration, and an overall environment for success.

Senior Project Design Studio Renovation

We are pleased to announce that the Senior Project Design Studio will undergo a complete renovation beginning in Summer 2007 and be ready for students by September 2008. The renovation will yield a state of the art facility to meet the needs of our national award winning project course. The result will be a fully integrated, secure, project work area for virtually all phases of student projects, including brainstorming, research, designing, prototyping, testing, data analysis, collaboration, report writing, presentations, etc. The overall goal is to provide our students with a facility which is commensurate with both a modern corporate design studio and the history of excellence, which continues to be the standard for senior projects in this department.