Ryan Hoch and Kevin Hoffman, two general engineering alumni, have launched an educational software platform that aims to help students know their options. 

A lifetime of systems engineering: throughout his industry-spanning career, Martin Brzeczek was never bored.

Inspiring innovation: Brad Mottier believes his general engineering degree played a significant role in preparing him for his career that has been marked by innovation. 

A 1952 Illinois General Engineering graduate, Wendell “Gabe” Hildensten was a particpant in two of the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb tests. 

Women have played an important role in the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, with Grace Wilson becoming the first woman to have at the rank of at least assistant professor in the Illinois College of Engineering.

Stephanie writes about nearly making the Olympic pole-vaulting team, and other life lessons from her position at Accenture.

Alexander “Sasha” Stolyar will join the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering faculty as a Grainger Engineering Breakthroughs Initiative founder professor in January 2017.